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NBN 50 slow upload speed

Level 1c

I recently upgraded from NBN12 to NBN 50. My download speeds appear to be good (consistently above 40MPS) but my upload speeds have not changed. Its always 1MPS or less. 

I logged this issue through your contact form yesterday but I am yet to have a response. Can you please confirm if some settings need to be adjusted? I can see from other posts, that typically the upload speeds on an NBN50 plan should approach 20MPS.


Hi @pelican1985


Welcome to Community! 


We apologise for the delay in response.


I can advise you that your current plan is configured on the NBN50 Wholesale Plan tier with up to 20Mbps upload. 


I have tested your connection and have found no fault that is affecting the performance of your internet speed/connection. We may need to perform troubleshooting along with you so we can determine any underlying cause of the performance connection issue. 


Here are some factors that can affect the upload speed:

  • Slow upload speed can be caused by applications, processes or programs running on your computer/devices.
  • Maximising the upload bandwidth configured on your plan may affect the download (Browsing experience)
  • Does the low upload speed happens at a specific time or random? 

Kindly let us know of your most convenient time to receive a call so we can arrange a callback to be made from our Technical team for assistance. 




Level 1c

Here is a sample of tests I have conducted. Download speeds are fine. Upload speed never gets above 1mps. This happens consistently.IMG_2305.PNG


I have tested across multiple devices with the same results. I turn all other devices off when I do it.


You can call me right now I am home. I recieved a reference for a callback yesterday via email (ref number  58907730) but am yet to get a call.






It does show that you are getting a good download speed, @pelican1985


I will try to refresh the connection remotely then let me know if there's any change with the upload speed. 



Level 1c

Have you completed a refresh? I am still getting 42.8MPS download and 0.81MPS upload. Can you please advise?


I have remotely reset the line, @pelican1985


There's just one last thing left for us to do; could you please perform a reset on the NBN box? You may need to take the cover off then look for the reset pinhole at the bottom part of the box. Please do a reset as well on the router. 


Let me know once you're done. 



Level 1c

I have reset both and still getting the same results. Upload speed below 1MPS.


Thank you, @pelican1985


I'll have a member of our Technical team to contact and assist you further. What's your best time to receive a call? 

Level 1c

Appears to be working now. I updated the firmware on the modem and now I am getting good upload speeds.


Glad to know you got it sorted, @pelican1985


Should you still require further assistance, you may reach out to us again or you may check out our self-help options located here: