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NBN Connection problem

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The nbn installer told me there was only one place he could install the  wifi modem. This was in the master bedroom, and this is an unsatisfactory place to put the equipment for a number of reasons. We do not want it in a bedroom, it keeps flashing lights all night and the bedroom is distant from where the computers are used.

When told that the equipment had to go into the bedroom I asked if there was any choice and was told that there was not.

The network works very well in the bedroom but its much more problematical in the office.

What are my options here. Can I get nbn to come back and fix the situation, can I get my own cable man to put the equipment where I want it, or am I stuck with the present unsatisfactory situation.


Hi @rlpurdon,


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During installation, the NBN technician will assess your premises if where will be the best spot or place to install the device as they need to consider the length of the cable coming from the outside line, where will be the best spot to receive a good signal, etc.


You may need to contact NBN Co. to have them reassess your premises to relocate the NTD (NBN ARRIS box) to your chosen place. They prefer to be contacted via E-mail for better handling. Here's their E-mail address;


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Thanks Basil. I will take it up with NBN Co.

I have also left a very positive review for the good service I have had from TPG during the changeover.  


Richard Purdon