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NBN FTTB - contract or no contract

Level 1c

I'll be moving to NBN later next month from ADSL, though am deciding whether to select the 18 month contract or no lock in contract. What are the pros and cons of each?


Hi @Joe_a,


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When you purchase our TPG NBN plan on a 18 months contract, the standard set up fee is waived. However, we apply exit fee should you decide to terminate the service inside the contract.

No Lock In gives you the liberty to enjoy the service without any obligation of exit penalty, We charge the one time Set up fee.

Level 1c

My NBN at my address is likely to be available later this month according to my address details on NBN. I'm currently using ADSL2 with TPG, so if I pre sign up now with TPG NBN what happens to my current ADSL? Will i still be able to use ADSL until NBN is switched on?

Do any unused credits rollover to my NBN account?

Do I need to cancel my ADSL account or will it roll over to my NBN account?


Hi @Joe_a


If you pre-order the NBN, your ADSL service will not be affected or disconnected until the NBN is installed.


The unused portion of your ADSL service will be used as credit for your new NBN service.


No need to cancel your ADSL account as it will be used for your NBN.