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NBN FTTC dropouts

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A couple of months ago I made this post:


It concluded with TPG not finding a fault during the 48 hours the connection was monitored. Since then, we have continued to have dropouts, although not as frequently. Something I forgot to mention in the old thread is that there is no change to the lights on the NBN connection device during these dropouts.


I have some logs from our router of a few of the dropouts we experienced; I can post those if it might assist in trying to solve these dropouts.


Hi @fusionsydsouth, thanks for letting us know. Your connection is up and running for more than 2 hours now and we can see an indication that it is dropping out. Did you turn the modem off and on today? How many times?

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Hi apologies for the day in response. I was not in the office yesterday.


Our router shows no logs for yesterday; this happens when the router loses power, presumably it was because someone manually reset it. I can see though that our network making no DNS requests from approximately Sept 3 at 7pm to Sept 4 at 10am, and then again from Sept 4 at 3pm to 8pm. The downtime was not because the router and/or NBN box was switched off. All our networking devices were powered on.


I've spoken to some people who were here yesterday. The connection was restored at 10am when someone restarted our router. Waiting for confirmation on whether the same happened at 8pm.


Additionally our logs show this morning that the connection was experiencing severe packet loss from around 7am. As per my original post 3 months ago, this was solved by disconnecting and reconnecting the wall socket cable from the NBN box.


Hi @fusionsydsouth, we'd like to arrange a technical specialist to assist with further troubleshooting. Please PM us your best contact number and most convenient time to receive a call. Thank you.


Thanks @fusionsydsouth. We have arranged a technical specialist to contact you between 1PM and 5PM NSW time today.


Hi @fusionsydsouth, we can see that our Technical Team has been in touch and the issue has been escalated to our Engineering Team.


The case engineer tried to contact you yesterday, but to no avail.


Please provide us your availability to receive a call so we can advise the case engineer to process  callback for further testing.


Thank you.

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The engineer attempted to contact us outside of business hours. I advised them that no one was on site and they would need to call back on Friday between 9am and 5pm. They said they would call back at 9am.


We'll make a follow up with our Engineering Team and will have the case engineer contact you as soon as possible, @fusionsydsouth.

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Hi, there was supposed to be an additional follow up call today after we tested the TPG supplied router over our existing one. Is that call still happening? The case engineer said they would monitor our connection for 48 hours.

For the record, we still experienced the dropouts on the TPG supplied router, and the logs show the same sort of error messages as our other router.

Hi @fusionsydsouth


Sorry to hear that the service is still dropping.


I'll chase this with our Engineering team and have someone to call you between 2:30PM - 3:30PM today to discuss the next step.