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NBN FTTN Superfast.Frequent Dropout and slow speed reported

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NBN FTTN Superfast. Frequent Dropout and slow speed reported. TPG Technician attended. Reported Voltage on Line. Stated NBN should not have Power (42v) On the Line.  He checked some wiring & Left . Stated NBN Engineer required for Further Investigation.

Modem is TPG supplied HG659. When working well i am getting circa 80mbps via Ethernet connections into HG659 but only 1mbps  to maybe 9mbps across Wireless via same Modem.  Suggests to me the Modem is not upto the job & unreliable ? (I note TPG now supply a different probably superior Modem that i dont have!) I am now at the Stage where im told NBN need to run Tests (remotely i guess) The drop out are intermittent but daily causing loss of work for my wofe who works from home. Regularly the speed are too slow to run Foxtel on demand or Netfilx across the wireless. All very frustrating. Hence i raised via Telecomunications Ombudsman as has been ongoing for a month now before & after TPG Engineer visit. I stuggle to see how it coud be wiring as i to get very fast speed when it works as i live 10metres from the node. If it was a wiring issue surely i would naver be able to get the fast speeds? Thats just based on logic as im a Mechanical Engineer not a Telecoms Engineer.  Im wondering how many people have the same issues and if anyone with the Tech. knowedge can shed any light or correlate to their experience & knowedgle. The feedback im getting limited and not very requent regards updates.  I do not like paying out evey month for the Fastest Unlimited NBN but only get slow mbps speed and frequent drop out es explained above. Any comments apreciated.

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Level 1

Hi @garytootell,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We apologise for the inconvenience this issue is causing you and we'd like to check what can be done to turn this experience around.


We have located your account using your community details and we can see that the issue has been escalated to our Complaints Resolution Team. In addition, the case manager has been in touch via email and advised you that we have raised your concern to our Senior Engineering Team.


The case engineer is waiting for a feedback from NBN Co. and will be in touch as soon as a new update is received, but we have already made a follow up on this.


Rest assured that we will continue monitoring the case and keep you posted for updates where possible.


Should you need any assistance, feel free to drop us a message. Thank you.