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NBN (HFC) - Connecting DECT Phone

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Hi guys,

I'm getting TPG NBN Home bundle with phone add-on.

I need to run a wireless phone for downstairs, so can i run say a Yealink or Uniden DECT phone and connect the base station direct to the phone port on the TPG supplied router ?


Will this work ?



Hi @jtsaboukas


Welcome to the Community! 


Physical handsets should work as normal so long as you are going to connect it to the phone port 1 on our supplied router. If you are using a wireless phone, you just need to connect the base phone to the phone port 1 as well. 


I would still recommend though to check the specification of the handset you want to use whether it is compatible to work on both regular and Fibre connection. 


Here's a set up guide for the NBN HFC connection: NBN Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (NBN HFC) Setup Guide


You may also check the status of your installation through this link: Installation Status


Should you require further assistance, please don't hesitate to let us know. 




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Hi Ahra and thank you for replying.

I want to use something like a Yealink W41P DECT desk phone, as it has wireless capability.

The Base station will be plugged into the phone port on the TPG provided router, and the phone will be located downstairs.


I just want to make sure this setup will work prior to outlaying any money ont he handset !



No worries, @jtsaboukas


Will this be the first time that you'll be using this make & model? 


As I understand, DECT is used for creating cordless telephone systems. 


NBN provides VoIP service; VoIP service works perfectly well with traditional phones connected to a landline. Your DECT phone does connect to a landline, the only difference being that is it extends to one or more handsets. 

Hope this answers your query, you could also check with the phone manufacturer if they have further information.