NBN HFC dropouts

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That's great news, @kenhitokiri! Hopefully, you won't be having issues with dropouts anymore.


On another note, we have dispatched the modem. So in the event that it turns out to be a modem issue still, you can then use the one you'll be receiving to resolve that.


Please refer to the SMS that was sent to you for the consignment details.


If you need clarification or further assistance, feel free to leave a comment.



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Hi. Just wondering if you could send me a screen shot of your wan service settings. Black out your log in information. I have the exact same router and I can’t get it going I want to check against your settings to see if what I have is correct.
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Hi @Pjcharles,


I've actually changed routers to use the Archer VR1600v after having a few more issues with the connectivity on the Billion modem.

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Thanks anyway.