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NBN HFC increasing frequency of dropouts

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We've had NBN HFC 100/40 installed for three weeks now. I don't remember there being a day without at least a dropout lasting anywhere from minutes to about half an hour. We've called TPG over and over but the dropouts seem to have been getting worse these last days. There must have been at least 20 dropouts today. People in our household can barely revise for their university exams because they can't even watch their lecture recordings - It's quite ridiculous that they've had to travel to libraries to get study done when there's a 100/40 NBN connection at home. 


Could you guys pinpoint the problem and resolve the issue? Currently, we still do not know what exactly is causing the problem or the timeframe in which it will be fixed.







Hi @trang11,


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We've responded to your PM and advised that our Engineering team has rejected the resolution that was given by NBN Co.


Further investigation was requested to make sure that the service will be restored back to the way it was.


Updates will be given by our Engineering team once available.


Kind regards,