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NBN HFC to third party modem

Level 2

Setting up a D-Link DSL-2885A modem with NBN HFC, All lights on Aris box are all solid green.

The physical connection is correct (UNID to WAN port)

WAN light is on solid in D-Link modem

PPPoE username and password from your technical support is correct

Reset account password on TPG myaccount web portal

On your TP-Link modem, it says VLAN 2 enabled

Did the same thing on TPG modem with correct credentials but still Internet light on the modem is red

Power cycled Aris and D-Link, Internet light is still red

The customer already contacted your technical support people and unable to get it working

Any advice please for other workarounds.


Thank you in advance.


Hi @Rosvel,


A modem/router will not work with the NBN HFC service.


You need to configure your device to be a router only with the VLAN ID 2. If not, then you may use your device as an access point instead.