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NBN/Modem/WiFi Password

Level 2
We have 2 WiFi channels(?). One with just numbers & the other with numbers & 5G. They have had the same password since the NBN was connected last year. For the past couple of days no one in our house has been able to connect to the 5G - says the password incorrect.

I’m worried that we have been hacked by someone & they’ve changed the password or something similar?
Not sure how to check this or what to do?
Would very much appreciate some advice & help to sort it out.

I’ve just logged into the modem on the internet & according to that it says the passwords are the same... however I still cannot log into the 5G still getting the incorrect password error.
Level 11

Have you turned the router off and on?

Does the password contain a space character which may not be apparent and upper and lower case?

On one of your wifi devices, if you forget/disconnect from the 2.4G network, can you reconnect to it?

Last resort might be factory reset. You would have to set your TPG username and password into the PPPoE configuration.