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NBN Modem frequent dropouts

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I have NBN FTTC which was connected about 4 months ago. TPG supplied and installed a TP Link VR1600v modem. Ever since the day of installation there have been regular dropouts. These dropouts occur every 5 to 10 minutes and last for about 1 minute, regular as clockwork.

There are no filters or any devices on the line to the NBN box, I haven't configured the modem at all. I pinged the modem on a wired connection from my PC which is excellent, ping=0 when the modem is functioning. When the modem is not functioning pinging the modem times out. I understand that this means that the modem is faulty rather than the NBN box or the connections in the street. 

I thought I could just be patient with these regular dropouts but I really don't think I can live with them, the NBN speed is about 4 times that of ADSL though which is great :-)


Rebooting the NBN box and rebooting the modem (many times) haven't made any difference. Nothing changes on the LED indicator lights on the NBN box or the modem when the dropouts occur. I've changed the cable between the PC and the modem which hasn't improve things either.

could TPG supply a new modem please?


Hi @nwalsh01 


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As of the moment, I can't confirm if the issue is caused by a faulty modem as currently it shows a stable connection.


Did you notice any changes on the lights on your modem once the internet drops out? Does it occur at a specific time or random?


If the issue recur, reset the modem back to its default settings by pressing the button at the back of it. Once done, wait until the modem established its connection automatically. Please be advised that any settings that you've changed on the modem will be deleted, so you need to set it back if needed.


Observe the connection and the modem after the reset and keep us posted if the issue persists.