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Hi We have recently had NBN connected to our house, when the tech came out to istall it he one refused to install it in our study where we wanted it placed and installed it in the lounge room. He stated that once we are on NBN our speeds will be atleast 10 times faster to what we currently have. Since having the NBN we cant even use the internet, it either drops out, doesnt connect, if we have more than one devise conected if we are lucky to actualy get it to connect forget about anything else working......... WHY??????? 

i have ran a speed test and its at 6????????????

What is te problem?


Hi @Lstop


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This is definitely not the type of service we aim for. We are sorry to hear that you’re experiencing low download speeds with your NBN connection.


I ran an initial test and it appears that there is no evident line fault that can affect the performance of your service. We need to perform troubleshooting along with you so we can determine any underlying cause. 


Furthermore, for us to better understand what's affecting your connection speed, can you run a speedtest and post a screenshot of your results here? We suggest running the test via this site: speedtest.net. Make sure to run the test using a computer hardwired to the modem. Rerun the test again, but ensure that all other devices are disconnected from the modem (WIFI or ethernet).


Kindly let us know your most convenient time to receive a call so we can organise a contact to be made from our Technical Team once done with the tests above.