NBN Outage

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Hi There,

There is an NBN outage in Heidelberg Vic 3084 from 16 Oct 2020 12 pm. It is more than 22 hours and there no internet at all. We work from home and we are helpless. NBN outage page says planned maintenance for next 10 days and nothing planned at this moment. My work is getting affected. If NBN is not working then there should be some backup to support when there is outage. There is no internet at all. On top of that TPG support centre is closed on Saturday Sunday. Now I can’t talk to anyone from TPG as there is no support there. Unprofessional

Hi @Gkuldeep2000 


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We were able to locate your account using your community details and learned that your service is affected by an unplanned network outage. You may search your address here (https://www.nbnco.com.au/support/network-status) for the information.


We've checked this case with NBN Co and learned that their attending field tech has traced the issue to an exchange that is located in a building that is currently closed. They will contact the building management on Monday to arrange access for field techs.


Our sincerest apolgies for the inconvenience.