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NBN Outages, Contention Ratio and HFC issues

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TPG are not responsible for the constant planned outages which may effect you're service. The main reason why the outages keep reoccurring is due to aging HFC network. The drop outs and planned outages are due to the constant maintainence required to keep this horrible cable TV network running.

So while its true it is a consumer law requirement for a service to be fit for purpose, and for people working from home cannot afford to have no service for the constant planned NBN outages, The NBN is owned by the government and its out of TPGs control.

Also the NBN do not talk to the public and deliberately give no detail on what is causing the outages and what works they are actually doing. Instead they say to ask you're ISP TPG, but they are told nothing as well.

The solution is to get fibre installed to the house, but up until during the COVID19 lockdowns its has been impossible to get it in a residential area as the NBN did not run fiber to the house even if you offered to pay for it.

During the lockdowns all were working from home and needed better Internet so its now finally available to small business and some residentails customers not just the CBD.

So now the NBN will run fiber into you're home or business, if you move to an enterprise plan.

The catch is it will cost you alot more per month for a entry level 100/100 enterprise plan, but if you are working from home and need reliable Internet the cost may be justified. Oh you need an ABN thou.

Also with enterprise plans the contention ratios are much lower typically 5:1 for extra cost 1:1 is also available.

With the TPG residentail service the contention ratios are not published as shaping and different priority is given to the different types of traffic.

One trick used is to put priority on the speed testers websites, so good speeds are reported, but often the actual Internet experience is much slower. The bottom line is the ISP sells more bandwdth that what they purchase from the NBN and as a residential customer you may get what you pay for most of the time, but at $79~$99 a month, you're not going to get much. This applies for all ISPs.

So if you are on the HFC network and are having dropouts slowdowns and planned NBN outages the only fix is to move to fibre and pay about $300+ a month for a 100/100 connection.


Also, if you use a UPS power backup at you're end the Internet will stay up during a power outage as well.

This will not work with HFC thou as the cable requires power from the street to work and if it is down so will be the Internet on the HFC network, this includes the phone too.

I was no the HFC network and it was awful, outage after outage and now with my new fibre connection all the problems have gone away. I hope this helps.