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NBN Poor Performance

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Hi BasilDV,


I've experienced another dropout again this evening at 10:43pm (07/10/2018).


The IP has not changed either, which is good to note. I am connected to my router via ethernet, I am normally using my PC, but the internet interruption is shown on the router as well, where the WAN light goes red, to show that connectivity has dropped for my service.




Hi @smiddy33,


If the WAN has a light, then that means that the connection didn't drop. If WAN light was Off, then it means that the connection was gone.


The IP didn't change which means that the session did not end, which shows at our end that your router has been connected for 3d 10h 27m and counting.


Since you are using an Ethernet connection, did you notice the notification on your computer that the internet was disconnected? If it happens again, please provide a screenshot as it is not reflected on our end that the service has dropped.


By the way, have you tried using a different Ethernet cable? Also, have you tried different LAN port on your router?


Kind regards,