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NBN Ultrafast Plan

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It’s not often you get an unexpected thing for free that’s actually worth something. TPG changing my internet plan for free to the nbn™ Home Ultrafast plan for six months is really a big something.


I have had it for a little while now and wow, it’s absolutely fantastic. Thank you, thank you TPG.


Unfortunately I will return to my previous NBN100 Plan after six months and I don’t need to do anything.


Except stock up on tissues for when the crying starts (and it will).


However, for now, lots and lots of Kudos to TPG.

Level 3

How'd you score that?!

I was sidegraded from 100/40 to 250/25 (upload is important to me) and am still waiting for them to revert the change after contacting them.

Obviously, if they bumped me from 100/40 to 1000/50 (like superloop is doing as an opt-in for some of their existing customers), I wouldn't be complaining at all.

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Hi @needforsuv ,


I have an NBN FTTP connection. I believe only FTTP and some NBN HFC connections are capable of the higher speeds.




Hi @needforsuv


A member of our Technical Team has tried contacting you regarding your request to remove the Free Speed Boost. 


I'll have them to contact you again tonight for further assistance.