NBN Upload Speeds

Level 2

We have had a NBN100 plan since 1st week in July when nbn was finally connected to my street.  Up until 27 July upload speed check never showed less than 30mbps.  Suddenly this has dropped to never more than 17mbps and has been as low as 2.1mbps.  The download speed was never less than 87mbps, now it is regularly lower than that and has dropped to 4.9mbps briefly (today).  


Any idea why this would be?

Level 4

You are not alone.
Have recently started getting the same random down speed slowness down to 10mbps from the normal 40bmps for no reason this week around the same time too whichever never happened last week.


As per my post,


Something is definitely afoot here startign this week.


Hi Matt1. There's a few posts from people who thought they were on a 100/40 plan finding they are on 100/20 plan. But you seem to have a bigger problem.

Level 4

apparently the intermitent drop of speed for 100/40 or 100/20 customers have now been fixed.

Is everyone's speed now back to normal?