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NBN box all lights are solid green but no connection to internet.

Level 2

Since 10am today, NBN connection was gone and reset/restart still didn't help. I notice the WAN connection on my modem is not ON (no green light at all) but the NBN box has all 4 LEDs light solid on, Not sure if it's my mobile problem or not, tested the Cat6 cable (yellow one) is working properly, changed another Cat5 cable to connect from NBN box to my modem's wan port, still has no light-on on my modem. Case reported today and until now still no one calling back to confirm if new replacement modem is needed or just simply TPG's NBN outage, I am still on the line waitin for the technical support for almost 40mins, very frustrated and still need to work from home tomorrow which has a planned service maintanece on 23rd.Feb. Anyone can help? Please


Hi @helpneeded2022 . If your NBN box has 4 green lights, it must be HFC. The router WAN light comes on when it detects the NBN box. 

In the router admin, WAN status, is there a wan ip address or default gateway?

Anything in the System Log? 

Level 2

No internet connection at all. Also, try a new HFC enabled modem, still not detecting signal from NBN box. Cable is fine, dont know what's wrong. Please help to reconnect my service. thanks