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NBN disconnecting all the time in Everard Park

Level 2
And it is not the first time. This has been happening for weeks. We are expecting a refund for this inconvenience.

Hi @pleopoulou


Welcome to Community! 


I've since checked your account and the status of your service and it showed that NBN had a performance issue with one or more of the impacted HFC services and proactively took optimisation activities to resolve the issue within a prompt timeframe.


During this proactive maintenance,customers may lose connectivity for a maximum of 3 hours at one time. Most service impacting work will occur for one business day or less within the change window, however it is possible some work will occur consecutively and/or on a number of occasions during the window. The maintenance was resolved last 14 February 2020.


I've since ran a remote line test and no signal was detected. I have raised the issue now to our Engineering Team for further investigation. 


Kindly allow them sometime to assess the case and await for an update within the next 24hrs. 


We apologise for the inconvenience.