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NBN installation is nightmare

Level 3


Was on signup,  1300 are not free TPG Viop. True it's free on my  mobile,  which is not with TPG

What do expect Press 1  or 2 and say someone rang me,  could you get someone ring back!

Yep- it took 50 mins this morning like every morning, same tommorrow  to get it working. Phone is still not working ( iwill just check again NOPE ) "Email from a friend: Hadn't been able to get in touch since midday , thought maybe your modem had got the **s. Some message comes up after about 7 rings on landline basically you can't be connected. "

They never tried to get in touch, they left a voice mail,  the phone has been and still sitting in my pocket.

Why not RIGHT NOW  B4 I really get the grumps

Level 3

Third time tried 131423   just now,    "cant get through  due to technical  issues " GR8 EH!


Level 3

Just got through to 131423 Option 2 + 1, no bugger knows about any thing  GET A REAL NAME   and number or get them to call bac.   this is crap

Bit of good news, I got to ring out on viop, and  just got a call   but  just gobbly **  

but still no in coming 

Really be pssed tommorrow when i spend 50 mins trying get a connection again



Hi @rjbiz,


We understand that our Engineering team has been in touch.


We've learned that the Desktop which is connected via LAN was having issues with no internet, while the WiFi devices were not affected. They've advised to connect your Laptop via LAN to compare if it will be the with your Desktop computer.


The case is still under monitoring and they'll be in touch with you tomorrow for any update.


Kind regards,

Level 3

Reasonable summary of 60 plus min. conversation,  Was good to actually talk to somebody,  He does not do Phones,  but  will see what happens Logon   tommorrow morning. 

 I dont want to make trouble, happy to work with you,    just want get a working service,

Thanks for your help, Cheers


You are welcome @rjbiz.


Your experience is important to us and we will be keeping a close eye on your case and will provide you with updates where possible.



Level 3

Well guy's,  sorry to be a pain. But, it seems today, if not, you get nowhere.

Anyway, today,  first day in about 6 I think,  ALL Thumbs up,  thanks

NBN:  Booted straight up,   Wi-Fi,   LAN,

VOIP:   Rang IN  from my  mobile YES,     Rang  TPG landline YES

So if it keeps going I am happy,   all is good.      Cheer's and Thanks to  all



 Constructive criticism:  I realize its hard with a lot of customers, but for  customers , Its just so hard to get a constructive response.

However, this particular avenue  has been consumer satisfying, informative, know something is being  done, and of course successful,  also keeps complaints in house. 

So well done, a good process, I have been impressed.   






Thanks for letting us know and providing a feedback, @rjbiz.


Please be assured that we take genuine interest to all customer feedback. We'll also forward your message to our Engineering Team.


The case engineer tried to contact you today to discuss the progression of the case, but to no avail.


The Team is still monitoring the account and should you experience any issues, please let us know so we can investigate further.


Let us know should you have further queries. Cheers!


Level 2

at least you had you NBN installed .. i'm still waiting on mine .. yesterday a technichian was supposed to show between 1 and 5 pm... no one turned up .. no call .. no explanation.

this morning i called and spend half hour on hold ... only ex;anation i get is that there was a problem with the technicians... and the next available technichian wil be available in 6 WEEKS TIME..  Can you believe that ?

They dont show up and you have to wait 6 weeks ???

If you run your business that way you have no customers 

6 weeks is not going to happen as I was disconnected before it could be confirmed.


Hi @kurt,


We apologise for the delay of your NBN installation. We chased this up with our Provisioning Team and request for immediate feedback within the day.


Please see my response to your initial post located here. further updates on this case will be posted to your post to avoid redundancy and confusion.