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NBN internet Never works

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I have had an awful experience with TPG so far. I live in Elsternwick, Melbourbe. The internet has gone out at least daily since I had it installed about 6 months ago. I have spent countless hours online to TPG who have me run through the same useless loops of reading out serial numbers and describing how the "online light" is "off". I have had workmen come to my house three times. This issue has never been resolved.

I am told by TPG that it is a problem with their equipment connecting to the NBN. Despite this, TPG has made no attempt to fix their issue but is happy to charge me as usual.
I am finding it nearly impossible to contact someone who will say anything other than "someone will call you back in 24 hours" so I am resorting to these boards.

If the problem is not fixed I will take TPG to the consumer complaints tribunal.


Good day @Lauravoyage,


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I checked the account and seen that the issue is being handled by our Engineering team. The case was raised to NBN Co and their technician was able to fix the fault with their network. We are able to detect that the service has been stable and connected to the internet for almost a day now.


Our Engineers were trying to contact you as well to confirm the service, I will arrange a call from them within the day to make sure that everything the case is resolved.


Should you have any preferred time and number to be contacted, please shoot me a private message.


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Good day, @Lauravoyage.


I understand that our Engineering team has been in touch yesterday to confirm the service, but you weren't at home. They are still monitoring the case and will be in touch with you for other updates.


Should you require any assistance, please let us know.


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