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NBN internet problems

Level 2
Im currently on tpg superfast internet and have been experiencing some issues lately.
Generally, internet works fine with speeds of ~250mb which is line with what i pay for.
Lately my internet has been playing up, specifically i find that some sites are not accessible ( as an example) and a dns error (dns_probe_finished_nxdomain) is given in some browsers. This affects some sites but not all.
Other times i find that my internet speed drops to about ~20mb as well as having the above issues with sites not being accessible.

If i reset my router (about 6 months old, tpg supplied) i find it solves the speed issues but not the dns issue. If i reset both the nbn box and the router then all is great for a while before it starts having issues again!!
Nothing has changed in my setup and only thing i have noticed is that we have been getting a lot of rain (so wonder if that can somehow affect the fibre but doubt it).

I did try changing my dns in the router to the public google dns ( but found my speed wasnt getting above 20mb so changed back to the tpg provided.
Im out of ideas and im getting tired of resetting both my nbn and router so any advice or help would be appreciated!

Level 2
Any ideas?

Hi @Max678


Thanks for raising this with us.

We'd like to look into your account for better understanding of the situation.

We tried to search for your account using your community details to no avail.


Please send me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number to assist you accordingly.