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NBN more work required

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I live in a street that is a kind of cul de sac with my house located along a shared driveway, in an area that has been connected to the NBN. The map shows my area marked in purple and as complete and housees further up the street are marked connected yet my street isn't. The original date was set for april 2019 and TPG sent me a letter to pre register which i did. The date was then move to June 2019 and since has now been moved to June 2020 even though they should have finished already. My house shows as more work required so why are they not completing the work before moving onto new areas? I have already been waiting over a year for this with a slow and unreliable ASDL connection.

Is there a technician that can come out and complete the installation?


Hi @Arwyn 


We understand that it's unfortunate that you have to wait further to get NBN Service.

However, Telco. such as us have no control over the serviceability of an area for NBN. 


At the moment, our Network Engineers have arrange a Tech visit to attend to your ADSL service issue.