NBN outage

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Our internet has been going on and off for over 2 months now. I have text messages which I have been saving which go back to 23/11/21. But it has been going on for longer than that. NBN have been and changed over the modem (without as asking them to) to see if it would solve the issues. We work from home and with no internet it is affecting our work.
This needs to be resolved so we can work and get what we are paying for. I will be expecting Compensation for not have a service we are paying for.
I also tried call TPG yesterday and the message was sorry we can’t take calls at the moment!! Not good enough

Hi @JWhite


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We were able to locate your account and can confirm that your service was affected by an NBN unplanned outage.


This has been resolved by their attending technician and can confirm that your service is working within specification.


This type of cases are not controlled by any ISP. You may check if your service is affected by an outage by checking this article.