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NBN plan upgrade to superfast

Level 2
Was a part of the complimentary 6 month upgrade from nbn50 to nbn super fast and it was great. Just before the end of the trail I received an email for a special offer of $40 a month off to the nbn super fast plan to which I signed up for on the 10 of September I received an email saying the nbn plan change had been completed but I am still only receiveing nbn50 speeds. I have reset the router and power cycled the nbn box and the tpg router. I have been using the Speedtest website as the mytpg app speed test says I don’t have a data or router connection. Tried to call 131 423 but was told there was a 40minute hold time.

Hi @Keenan 


Thanks for raising this with us.

We checked your account and it shows that there's a provisioning issue with your NBN upgrade.

We'll raise this with our NBN Provisioning team and updates will be provided once available.


We apologise for the inconvenience.