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NBN "Speed" issues

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Hi TPG Team,


I am supposedly on a 100Mbps download/20Mbps upload plan (NBN 100). Yet, the maximum speeds I am able to get are 71.9Mbps down and 19.0Mbps up. That's the maximum over the last 13 days. The average speeds over that time are 65.9Mbps down and 16.3Mbps up. (Speeds have been measured and recorded automatically throughout these 13 days in 12 hour intervals, with manually triggered measurements taking place in between. Measurements were taken via a UDM Pro connected directly via a wired connection to the NBN modem you provided.)
You now sent me an e-mail offering a $100 NBN Speed Compensation payment. While that offer is appreciated, it raises questions:
In your e-mail, you wrote:

"We are writing to inform you that we have checked your National Broadband Network (NBN) connection and found that you cannot receive the maximum internet speeds for your plan. [..]
You are currently paying for a NBN100 plan which has maximum speeds of 100Mbps download and 20Mbps upload.
The maximum speeds you can actually receive are 88.69Mbps download and 37.59Mbps upload."

You also explain that:
"Your maximum speed is a limit on what speeds you can receive, not a measurement of what you are actually receiving at all times. Actual speeds will vary based on several factors such as modem capabilities and internet traffic demand."


While it's clear that factors affect actual speeds, I cannot help but wonder why my maximum download speeds are so far off from your claimed "maximum speeds". Surely, with Internet traffic varying, I should at some point get closer to your claimed speed, shouldn't I? And I would hope that the modem capabilities are not the reason for this poor performance; after all, it's the modem you provided. 


So, can you explain to me what factors in detail lead to this poor NBN speed I am experiencing?

Clearly, your claimed possible download speed of 88.69Mbps is not even close to my experienced download spees of 65.9Mbps average/71.9Mbps maximum.
(Again: the speeds I measured are automatically measured periodically with a UDM-Pro connected directly to your NBN modem via a wired connection.)

As you claim a higher speed is possible, I would hope you may finally fix my connection so I am able to achieve download speeds closer to what you claim.


Thank you in advance!


Hi @Hyper,


We appreciate you raising this concern to us. 


I believe the email indicates the reason(s) as to why the speeds are not attainable hence the options provided. 


For direct assistance, you may respond to the said email as there is a dedicated team handling these concerns.


Otherwise, let us have your Customer ID or username via private message and we'd be glad to have an officer to contact and assist you.





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Thanks, @Ahra_G.

I have responded to the e-mail directly.
Yes, you're right that the email indicates reason as to why the speeds are not attainable - but neither of the two reasons given explain why the "maximum speeds" I supposedly "can actually receive" according to TPG are consistently so far off from the speeds I am actually experiencing.

This whole situation is quite confusing: TPG advertises the plan as a 100Mbps plan, mentioning " typical evening speeds of 90Mbps", then advises in an e-mail sent to me personally that "The maximum speeds you can actually receive are 88.69Mbps download..", while the maximum speeds I actually experience are no higher than 71.9Mbps... Maybe it's just the wording in the e-mail. Maybe the "speeds you can actually receive" statement is a generic one and not specific to my situation? Which would be weird, because the e-mail seems to be offering the refund based on the difference between what was advertised and what I "can actually receive". So, you'd hope TPG actually checked what was possible at my specific connection point and not just send me a generic number.


Anyway: I'll just wait for a response from your "nbnspeedscompensation" team.

Thanks for your time, @Ahra_G !