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NBN technician didn't turn up (no call or explanation)

Level 2

Sun (1 Mar) at 8.30pm – NBN stopped working at my house


Mon (2 Mar) at 8pm – called TPG, ticket #10311359 issued, appointment booked for Wed (4 Mar) between 8am-12pm


Wed (4 Mar)

At 11am – sent a text message to TPG (+61 416 906 330) asking why the tech hasn’t turned up, no response.

At 11.45pm - emailed, no response.

At 12.30pm – called TPG and talked to Chris from the Engineering team, who said the NBN tech will contact me within two hours.

At 3pm - technician still hasn’t turned up, still waiting for someone from TPG/NBN to contact me.


So frustrating that I had to take a day off for this. No news, no call, no explanation, and meanwhile no internet.


Been with TPG for nearly 10 years. So disappointed.


Level 2

Hi TPG, please help me with this enquiry.


I have no internet for a whole week now. The 1st appointment nobody turned up or called. Told to book a 2nd appointment, which is today. Now I'm at home (taking another day off) waiting for a NBN tech to come. Nobody called or came.


Meanwhile the neighbour nextdoor is with Optus, had the same problem after a power outage in the suburb, the NBN guy just came and fixed. Is NBN Co prioritizing Optus over TPG?


Please I need somebody at TPG to contact me and help getting my internet back up,