Level 2
My nbn was cut off by the NBN Technican this morning, according to what he told me , the previous technician plunged in the wrong port for me and I am using somebody’s port (3) and my port number should be (1) . Luckily I was at home to find out that my service was been cut off ,if not he would have left me with no internet services , this is very unprofessional ! I caught him outside my building and insisted he should fix the problem before leaving, he told me to call TPG to get the problem fixed and said that is not his job to fix someone else negligent, I told him I don’t really interested who’s fault it is as long as he connects me back to my services.
I also called TPG for help and I am receiving a lot of sms telling me to be at home because the technician is coming to fix the problem tomorrow, 25/01/2020 . Since the service is been connected back , I don’t see why I should stay at home and wait for them. Please cancel all the appointment. Thank you.

Thank you for the update @tngralph


We are glad that the service was fixed by the said NBN technician.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.