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NBN50 FTTC still with issues

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I thought this was resolved but last night I had issues again with the connection/speed. Tests show that the speed fluctuates a lot starting higher but then almost immediately dropping to 30, 15, then up again to 25 and so on. In the mornings I have a very stable speed at 47 that doesn't fluctuate at all (and streaming works flawlessly).


The major issue is that it's not streaming properly, too much buffering (unwatchable).


I ran the tests as @BasilDV suggested, wired and via WiFi and the results are the same, fluctuating a lot ending with different speeds.


Is there something you guys can do on your end to make the connection more stable please?




We're sorry to know that you are still having issues with the service and we'd like to help get to the bottom of this, @arminglf.


It appears that the issue is time specific, thus we have arranged a specialist to contact you today, between 7pm and 10pm Victoria time for real time testing.


Should you have a preferred contact number and time, please send it via private message.

Level 3

Hi @Riezl,


Last night was working fine again. Apart from unplugging everything and re-connecting after 10 minutes (I've tried this before with no real change), I also disconnected the ethernet cable that I had plugged to an android box, not sure if having an ethernet cable connected can affect the performance of the modem.


For now I will leave the modem only with WiFi and connecting this way to see if that ethernet cable can be causing issues.


I'll send you my contact number by PM anyway.




Hi @arminglf, thanks for getting back to us.


We have already arranged a specialist to contact you between 7pm and 10pm tonight.


Should you wish to cancel this callback, please let us know.


You can also contact our Technical Support Team when you are having issues.


Here's our Technical Support Hotline:


Internet & Home Phone
13 14 23 (option 2)
02 9007 2000 (option 2)


Monday - Friday         8am - midnight
Saturday - Sunday      9am - 9pm
Public Holidays           9am - 9pm


Let us know if we can be of further assistance. Thank you.