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Nbn network

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I asked for nbn network and got charged for it , only to realise that Nbn doesn't start until next year . Why would they charge me if it hasn't rolled out?
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Hi @mayminoh, that sounds unusual as TPG normally only accepts your order after they have done an address check to confirm that NBN has rolled out to your address. When you plug your address into the checker at does it say NBN is available?


Another possibibilty is even though NBN is available in your area, after submitting your order there was a problem with your particular address that TPG needs to resolve with NBN. For example, sometimes there are small mismatches between your address and the address NBN has on file, or NBN hasn't allocated a "Location ID" for your address - both of these can cause a short delay in your order being accepted by NBN while TPG sorts out the issue with them.

Hi may,

Great question! I would call up customer service to see what's going on.

They should be able to advise and resolve your enquiry.