Nbn outage

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Hi there,

The NBN website says that there is an unplanned incident affecting the network in this area. It unhelpfully also says "We are investigating a network outage in this area. As a result, you may experience a partial or total loss of connectivity. Restoration is underway. For more information, please contact your service provider."

The NBN and my internet connection has been down for 4 days. I'm wondering if you know when it will be fixed?
I will soon be out of data on my phone. The NBN outage link does not function. I contacted with you over the phone yesterday. I have to study to take an important test so I totally need the internet and it should be connected by this afternoon at least.


Hi @rionkimsk 


We'd like to check the status of the NBN outage affecting your service.


Kindly send us a private message with your account details.