Nbn outage

Level 2

Very Frustrated! Again 5 pm and disconnetion! REALLY TERRIBLE


Had this nbn for couple of weeks and have many outages already! it is so annoying.

Since yesterday again there is no internet! power is on green, another light next to the power blinkng whole time and then clicking but nothing happens!

I was on the phone with the support team and after staying on the line for almost half an hour he told me I your nbn box not syncing with our thing and can't find the problem and sent me to the technician. whaaat?? How was it syncing before that? THIS IS NOT GOOD.

And just now received a txt for technician visit on tuesday 14th, and I am paying $60 p/m for nbn bundle, unblievible! 

I was happy with my adsl2+ service for years! you called and persuaded me to switch on nbn!






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