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New 5G Home Broadband user - speed varies

Level 2

I received the 5G Home Broadband modem last Thursday and plugged it in and was up and away in minutes, This is a great implementation of home internet and I hope the high speeds last.

As a comparision I was getting around 40Mbps on my NBN fixed line with a 50Mbps plan.

This 5G setup is giving around 180Mbps!

However the following day the download speed dropped to almost zero. Upload speed stayed consistent at aroun 16Mbps. I placed a call to TPG technical support who went through some testing with me including hard resetting the modem and hiim resetting the line at his end then me connecting the modem by LAN cable to my pc. None of this made any difference and he proposed to escalate the issue. Well after a day or so the speeds have returned to what they should be and have been consistent for the last few days.

My concern is that nobody from TPG has contacted me so did they fix it or was it an issue in my locality that fixed itself?

I want to cancel my fixed line service but am unsure if I should until I know that the 5G setup is stable.


Hi @jello


We'd like to look into your account and review the case that was escalated to our Engineers.

Shoot me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number.