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New FTC NBN is not connecting

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   I have recieved and connected my new NBN router with TPG modem but the nbn router will not connect. Have tried different phone ports without luck.


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You can private message to me your customer ID, username, service address and mobile number so i can check status here.




Hi mwge7,

I have checked installtion and performed some test as well, I have noted that installation is still in progress. you can also check your installtion from below link, Meanwhile better to use your ADSL which is still active. once installation status change to complete, You need to connect nbn ncd  where  current ADSL modem connected and make sure nothing else connected to any other socket including home phone.



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ok, thanks. I had received the SMS to plug it in
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Hi, Any idea when i might get connected? I leave the FTC NBN equipment plugged in all day but it never makes a connection. I have to plug my adsl back in during the evening as i need the internet. Is there a particular time of day i should have the nbn connected?