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New TPG NBN 50Mbit Plan

Level 2

I have been with TPG for yonks.

I just feel that the new NBN pricing is a little slight of hand, why:

Currently paying $79.99  -  25mbit (with free phone calls)

My new plan is NBN50 $69.99 50mbits extra $10 for the phone service I got for free.

Net saving NIL, Zilch, Zero, None.

I don't use the house phone, but it is still not 100% transperent.

TPG Luv ya


Level 3

Not exactly correct.


1. Upgrade from nbn 25 to nbn 50 at no upgrade fee

2. Get nbn50 with typical evening speed of 42mbps ( between 7 pm and 11pm)

3. Almost double the typical evening speed of nbn25 plan ( your old plan)

4. Pay $69 per month with phone line

5. Unlimited AU calls is purely optional for $10 in your case not applicable since you don’t make calls


So I believe you are way better off on speed and price.


Tpg was the first provider to sell nbn50 at same price as nbn25 tier!

Level 2
Moved via voice contact to new plan, Thursday. After a few hours, lost contact on phone & Internet. Voice support via my mobile had the trouble shooter log in again with a new password. After one hour, lost the Internet access but not the voice contact this time.
Saturday night trouble shooter voice line closes at 9pm. Seems to have an enormous problem in upgrade to the new service.

Hi @gregzeng,


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I checked the account and was able to detect that the modem has been connected for more than 2 days now. It seems stable after the issues that we encountered. Should you require any assistance, please let us know.


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