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New connection dropping out and reconnecting by reboot multiple times a day

Level 2
Hi everyone,

We just joined tpg and have had our wifi running on adsl 2 for a week. We are having to reboot our modem at least 3-4 times a day as the internet stops working - is that normal? I just did a speed check as well and it seems well under what it should be.


Hi @Jessdan1915


Welcome to the Community! 


Certainly not the feedback we'd like to hear from a new customer and we thank you for raising this matter to us. 


I was able to run remote tests on our end using the account pulled up with your Community details. The modem appears to be connected now for more than a day and no evident line fault showing that can affect the service. 


Nevertheless, should you still require assistance with connection, kindly let us know so we can have our Technical Team to contact and assist you. 


We'll monitor the service to see if the drop outs will occur again.