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No ADSL connection for 3 days and counting.

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No connection for 3 days already.
When it first happened the DSL light in the modem was flashing but now there is no light whatsoever on my modem, when I called to ask TPG support I was told it could be my device, which I am highly skeptical of. At this p
Just to prove it I managed to get another modem and when I was setting it up it keeps saying your broadband status is down.
No light at all on the modem.


Hi @woniora4 


Welcome to TPG Community!


We were able to locate your account using your community details and understand that the case was escalated to our Engineering team.


Based on the notes, the test that was performed by our Tech team doesn't show any issues within the copper network. There's a possibility that internal wiring or the modem itself was at fault that causes the issue.


In order to check on this further, our Engineers arranged a TPG technician that will visit your premises on Monday to have this resolved once and for all.


In the meantime, if you have any further enquiries or require general information on the matter, contact us here and we'll be sure to get this coordinated for you.