No Home Internet

Level 2

Hi There,


It's been 2 days with no home internet. In this day and age, that's ridiculous! I work from home full time as does my partner and run a business from home. This will be detrimental if I'm not back online. Initally went through all the self-help to get back online with TPG, only for the problem to be escalated to the Engineering team. Was told I would hear back within 24 hours.  Called again on day 2 and still nothing. Was told that they would send an email to Engineering and would be contacted again within 24 hours. Calling to check in that they received the service request and have now been on hold for 45 minutes. Not good enough TPG! Please fix ASAP.



Hi @ourhouse3621,


Let's have a look at the status of the lodged fault. Send us a private message with your Customer ID or ticket number and we'll pull up your account.