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No Internet Connection

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No internet connection for a few days, please help
On modem wifi, suddenly not working - have turned on and off - restarted everything and now having to use 4G data for work- thanks

Hi @Karldtz,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We have located the account using your community details and we have arranged a specialist to contact you between 3PM and 4PM Victoria time for assistance.


Should you have a preferred contact number number and time, please send it via private message. Thank you.


Hi @Karldtz, our Technical Team tried to contact you, but to no avail. Please provide us your availability so we can advise the team to process a callback. Thank you.


Hi @Karldtz, we can see that you have been in touch with our Technical Team and the issue has been escalated to our Engineering Team.


The Team is now working on sending a technician to investigate further and the case engineer will be in touch as soon as the schedule becomes available.


Should you need further assistance, feel free to drop us a message. Cheers!