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No Internet. Little help

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So I got the modem package plugged it all in, disconnected phones etc....No internet.

Called help desk. Because I am in Perth it there are no NBN delivery people to talk to me and the help person says she will have a tech call me the next day. 

Tech person calls and says she is and engineer in the NBN section. I go through the lights status and wiring and then she suggests I try another power point. Hello it has power and the NBN is not delivered over the power lines.

Get a call back from the first help person. She looks and tells me I have been escallated to tech services or something.

Get a call to schedule a service technician to come and sort the problem out. 

He comes this morning. Sees I have an alarm system and tells me as there is probably an ADSL splitter installed then the internet won't work. Well the ADSL line is on the upstream point of the line so it would not make any difference as it is getting an unfiltered signal. 

He also tells me that as I have a dial tone then my line is still active with my previous ISP and I need to get it Disconnected. So as my phone is being ported and service is being taken over by TPG; AND I was told that I should not discontinue my previous ISP until the service was up and running what and who is right??

So anyway having removed the ADSL splitter and still having a clear dial tone I contact TPG help but they say they are overloaded with calls and to call back later.

Brilliant one week down and a weekend ahead and I am no closer to having a working NBN connection.



Good day @sagvos,


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We've reviewed the account and learned that our Engineering team has raised the issue to NBN Co to check the line. I understand that you were already informed that an NBN technician was requested to visit the site to help us resolve this issue.


Further updates will be given by our Engineering team. Thank you for your patience.


Let us know should you require further assistance.


Kind regards,