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No NBN Internet connection

Level 2
Good morning,

The internet has suddenly disappeared from my NBN connection. There is no internet light on my modem.
Turning it off and on did not fix the problem.
Resetting the modem did not fix the problem.
Connecting with an Ethernet cable did not fix the problem.
Looks like it’s a problem with the internet connection itself but I checked the NBN website and there are no works scheduled at my address. I only had this installed a week ago.

Please reply promptly as I am working from home. Thankyou!
Level 2

I have the exact same problem, how do you solve this issue? I tried the online chat support they didn't even respond

Level 12

What lights are lit on the NBN connection box and on the wifi router?

What model router is it?

Level 2
I've got the same issue!!