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I recently change my ADSL from Telstra to tpg NBN fixed wireless when I saw that my address is available to get NBN. I have received the modem the other day and got an email indicating that my NBN service is active which resulted in them cutting off my ADSL, but no technician has ever visited my house and there is no NBN connection box anywhere to be found since I have lived on this house for about 7 years and have always had Adsl internet

So now I am stuck with no internet and I have already contacted tpg customer support and unfortunately, they are not very helpful and just kept passing me to different people with no proper solution at all. 

This confusion can be fixed so fast if tpg just sends a technician to check and see for their own eyes that we don't have a NBN box so we can get one install immediately since I'm in need of the internet for online classes starting soon.


In need of help for installation of NBN box and decided to post here since I have seen many people with the same problems and the customer support lack of knowledge is not helping the situation.


Thanks in advance


Hi @eduardo23


Welcome to the Community! 


We appreciate you raising this concern to us and we're sorry to learn about the inconvenience this is causing you. 


NBN Installation has different Service Class types. Yours is under Service Class 6 which means that the service can be activated remotely; meaing the equipment is already installed specially the NTD. The Service Class types are being determined by NBN Co and is being relayed to NBN ISPs database. 

Therefore, there was no technician sent as NBN Co's database indicated that your service address is NBN-ready and is for remote activation. 

I have since raised this issue to the assigned Case Manager. Kindly expect to be contacted tomorrow, 04 Nov 2020 for updates. 





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That's exactly the problem I'm relying on my issue. I have already talked to customer support and they told me according to their database I already have the NBN box and antenna installed but the problem is I don't have the NBN box or antenna but just the modem I received 2 days ago. The house has never been connected with NBN but ADSL which is why I changed after finding out my address is available for Fixed wireless NBN


Hopefully, yall can understand my issue and can resolve this as soon as possible because I can't access my NBN until an NBN box and antenna is installed



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I was given the exact same spiel from tpg & plugged in their equipment in good faith only to find there is no connection & technician appointment not available for at least 2 weeks!
To add insult the tpg sales then told me I could just plug my Telstra adsl modem back in whilst I wait for a tpg to send technician! What a load of crap!
So disappointed tpg!
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Ye its a shame but at least u still got your adsl working because mine has been cut off and its been 3 days since I have no internet and I still dnt have any details whether a technician is coming to install the NBN box

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After being on a call again with tpg support and telling them that my address has two separate houses and that my neighbours are connected to nbn which is why on their database it shows that my address is nbn ready, they refuses to send a technician to install an NBN Box to my house after paying $200 for NBN with Set-up fee included,

They keep asking questions that I have answered and provided and after realising they got nothing else to say, they transfer me to another person who then asks for the exact same question until they are also have nothing to say which then leads to "we gonna need to investigate" after hearing this exact same quote everyday for the days. I am done with tpg horrible support that refuses to try to understand my situation but thinks they are experts and know everything even after telling them what's my issue and how to solve it.

its crazy how they can just refuse to send a technician when in fact my payments include the set up fee. So at this point, I am cancelling my NBN because they expect a house with no installation box to magically start using NBN.