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No internet - NBN FTTC Box ticking

Level 2
Hello, we have had no internet for four days now. Our NBN FTTC Box has a red link light flashing on and off, and the unit is making a ticking noise. Have power cycled the unit, reset the unit and tried alternate power points, and cables. None of these troubleshooting method resolved the problem.

There are no NBN outages in my area.

Have had my ticket on the TPG app closed. Have been informed that TOG Engineers will get in contact with me within 48 hours, but that time frame has passed. Been on hold for multiple hours, with no luck getting in contact with support. Have also requested callbacks and not received one. Can I please get assistance from TPG?
Level 2
Just an update:

I was on hold with technical support tonight for 46 minutes, got through to someone, was transferred to engineering. At which point an automated answering machine informed me that I was calling out of hours and automatically hung up on.

Hi @TimSnar


Are you still not able to use the service?


Since there's no reported outage affecting your service, we might need to run some line tests.


Please send us a private message with your account details.