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hi there, I see there is no chat function and im not a fan of sitting on hold..

is anyone on an email only plan? looking to switch providers however want to keep the legicy email for a year or so? I cant see it in the plan change options - even if its a simple forward service, any suggestions? Cheers!



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ok, so ive done the messaging co thing, whats the deal once I cancel the TPG service, does the email remain? can't locat any info in this. 

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So you can be given better advice, go into your TPG account, look under

'Email Management' and click on 'Check Your Email Aliases'.


You don't have to post exactly what is said there, but it should look

something like:

Username: c*******a has the following aliases:
Alias______________ Domain__________ Expansion
c*******a____________ c*********
e******c ____________ _______ c*********a


Have this info ready so admins can give you advice on it.


Hi @charli 


We need to check the account and see what we can arrange for you.


Please send us a private message with your account details.