No internet access

Level 2
I have a a couple of questions.
Mainly because I have two properties and require internet service at both.
I would like to speak to someone about getting a modem for my home with a dual band router. Can we get that sorted?
Also at my second property, I paid a healthy sum of money to have NBN service installed. I was just there and there was no internet access. In the end I had to give up. It's hard enough that I can't get through to you to speak to someone, but the fact that I can't even leave my number to get a call back from you is to say the least, bad service. I'd like to cancel my subscription if this continues, so could someone please call me within the next 24 hours? (That's by Sunday 5th April 3.40pm)
Thank you (but I'm not sure thank yous are required just yet).