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No internet and no idea what is going on to resolve it

Level 3

The internet disconnected 2 days ago. We are not in a flood zone. The next street from me has no outage.


NBN suggests an "Unplanned Outage" is in play but there is zero information on their status page to say if anyone has even been assigned to look at it. 


What is happening?? 

Level 3

Well, the internet was just restored. Hoorah.


My point still stands. The NBN service status information is a joke, much like the throttling and the price.




Hi @spryce


Thanks for reaching out.


We checked your account and detected that your service has been restored.

However, your service location is still listed on an NBN unplanned outage.

This is due to the severe weather activity across South East QLD and NSW. 


Keep on observing your service as there's some instance that it may drop, but we hope that your service is not fully affected by the said outage.