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No internet connection and no response via email or support online chat

Level 2
Level 2

Hi Team,

I understand these are challenging times, however i expect a response and assistance in troubleshooting why i get no internet connection from a newly set up ADSL2+ modem installation.

No internet light comes on, have followed all set up procedures and manual troubleshooting guides.

Level 2
Level 2

In the interest of minimising your templated responses, yes i have checked if there is a service outage, yes i have checked your online support pages for troubleshooting guides, yes i have emailed helpdesk, yes i have tried the online chat, no i have not had an adequate response on any forum.




Level 12

Can you plug your home phone directly into the wall socket to check for dial tone. If no tone, you probably have a line fault. Depending on the modem, the ADSL light may continue to blink.

Have you set your TPG userid and password in the modem configuration?