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No internet connection

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My internet connection has been pathetic in the last couple of days where it is totally not working. It has hit rock bottom speeds and sometimes there is no connectivity all. I had restarted the modem multiple times and yet no signs of it working. I had called up customer service yesterday explaining the situation and their troubleshooting steps didn't work either. The ticket number for reference is 12236004. I was told that a technician would reach out and someone sent a text message telling me that they checked the line and eveything seemed fine at their end, but yet it was not fine at my end. I responded likewise but no response as of yet.


I am using my mobile data to even lodge this question as the internet connection is still pathetic. I have attached images of the NBN box, the modem (all lights are green) and the speed test I did after connecting to the internet. This evidence purely indicates that there is certainly some issue with TPG and nothing to do with NBN or the modem.


Hi @rohitgab1


Your case has been re-opened and the assigned case engineer will be contacting you regarding this matter within the day. If you have a preferred callback number and time, just let us know via private message.

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