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No internet connection

Level 1a
Had some thunder storms this arvo. A surge crippled the tv and on the same power cable was the tpg modem. Well internet has be disconnected since then. Modem seems fine..wifi is working etc but that darn green light for internet keeps flashing and is never solid. Wierdly the little nbn gadget that sits between the moden and the wall connection has 4 solid green lights. Is there an outage around my way.. baulkham hills..or is my modem cooked?

Hi @ange7,


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We were able to locate your account using your community details and it seems that you were able to reach our Tech team via email.


You were advised that the service was lost due to an NBN outage in your area. We've checked our NBN tools and the outage is already resolved.


We can see that the NBN NTD box is already getting the signal, but your modem won't authenticate. Please restart your modem for it to reconnect to the server.


Should you require further assistance, please let us know.


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Level 1a
Modem fried...bought and setup a netgear d7800 .. all fine now. This was an outage AND a power surge. Waiting 4 days for you guys to confirm this was too long. Close the ticket.. all is fine

Thanks for the additional details @ange7. We'll notify our Engineering Team about this.