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No internet connection

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Hello, I am currently on the NBN FTTC plan and I have lost internet connection since this morning. It seems like the NBN connection box isn't able to connect to the network outside. The connection light is flashing blue, then it flashes red for a few seconds, then this is repeated. Is it my equipments' problem or is there a network outage?

Hi @cqizircqz 


Thanks for reaching out to us.


I was able to look into your account and from what I can tell, you've already spoken to our Technical Team today about the same concern. This has been raised NBNCo for repair. I can see that an NBNCo tech appointment has been booked for you and that you have already confirmed your attendance. Additional updates (including the outcome of the tech visit) will be provided to you directly via SMS or phone call. Should you have other concerns, feel free to leave a comment.